Sub-Tropic Series Pullover


Designed for protection & movement. Fitted with a premium YKK zipper, anatomical seam placement for natural motion & clean-finish cuffs for a water-tight fit; whether it's scorching, drizzly or if the wind changes, you'll be fully equipped.

This suit is designed for very cold climates, it is optimal in water temperatures from 15C to 20C.


Anatomical Seams

Seamless paddle zones putting less stress on the shoulders keeping you surfing longer


Polypropylene sleeves for complete unrestricted movement and 100% UV protection

Board Short Loop

Holding it down, so you can surf freely

Wooly Thermal Lining

0.5mm Neoprene with a warm wooly base lining your chest & back


Premium level limestone based neoprene. Extremely flexible and durable

Sealed Cuffs

Prevents your wetsuit from stretching around the wrists and ankles, keeping your suit watertight even after years of use

Size Height Range Weight
S 172-175 60-70
M 176-181 71-80
L 182-186 81-92
XL 187-192 93-102
XXL 193-200 103-112