Coastlines utilises a variety of eco friendly materials (biodegradable mail bags & compostable poly bags) to ensure your wetsuit is securely packed to avoid potential transit damage.  As part of the packing process, we carefully inspect each and every wetsuit to ensure they are defect free before they are delivered.


Coastlines ensures all wetsuits shipped are inspected prior to delivery and are packaged with clear handling guidelines. However, as freight is handled by third parties, we advise you to throughly inspect your Good(s) for damage in transit prior to acceptance. By attesting your signature you are confirming possession and accept your Good(s) as received. If you are unable to thoroughly inspect your Good(s) upon delivery, it is recommended that you clearly write “S.T.I” (Subject to Inspection) under your signature. Failing to do so may waive your rights to recover the costs of damage in transit.

If you've accepted delivery of your wetsuit and have an issue please click here for more information. 


Coastlines ensures a timely turn around on the packing and distribution of all orders during the busy Christmas season. However due to the use of third party freight companies we cannot (solely) guarantee Christmas delivery for any orders that are placed in late December.

If, due to an unforseen situation, the 3rd party freight company is unable to deliver your package before Christmas, we will provide a PDF Christmas voucher for printing. This voucher can be gifted to your loved ones while they wait on delivery of goods.

As previously stated, we will endeavour to process all orders in a timely fashion and as productively as humanly possible. We appreciate your patience during the festive season and wish you a very Merry Christmas.


Selecting the right courier agent is paramount to the protection of your Good(s) while in transit. It is understandable that this choice may not be so easy when each freight company offers different services, some with strengths and some weaknesses. However, to try to assist each customer in this important decision, Coastlines has sourced two of the most reliable, efficient and secure freight companies for you to consider. Alternatively, you can organise collection by a freight company of your choice and provide us with their details.

Whatever your decision, Coastlines highly recommends that all customers consider taking the time to compare your agents. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Checking and comparing the courier’s lead times;

  • Checking and comparing the company’s capabilities such as GPS tracking and inventory management;

  • Investigating all insurance details of each company;

  • Confirming the communication processes; and

  • Identifying the depot locations.

In doing so, you will be able to determine the right courier company that accommodates your needs. It would be time well spent to ensure that your agent delivers your Good(s) to the front door safe & sound.

Please be mindful that by selecting your choice of courier, it indicates that you agree delivery to you will occur when Coastlines place the Good(s) in the possession of your carrier. Title and risk of loss or damage with respect to your Good(s) will transfer to you upon delivery. For this reason we strongly recommend that you either independently arrange for the insurance of your Good(s) for their full value or purchase Coastlines Transit Insurance before you checkout.